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High quality tailored shirts for unique people.

All our shirts use bespoke tailoring, and are hand cut using paper patterns which are kept on file for quick ordering.

We have a selection of more than 150 fabrics imported fabric from the world's best mills, mainly Italian pure cottons two-ply which are equally as fine as the Swiss and English cottons.
Matched Designs
The fabric designs are matched exactly at all points where the different parts of the shirt meet.
Buttons sewn with Crossed Lockstitch
Our buttons are cross-stitched onto the shirt by hand to ensure that they are anchored as firmly as possible.
20 Stitches to the Inch Sewing
All our shirts are sewn with 20 stitches to the inch. We, therefore, achieve fine, strong and more elegant seams.
Single needle stitching
Our Men’s shirts are sewn throughout using a single needle sewing machine not dissimilar to that which you would use at home. This is the traditional but a costly way of doing things. It produces very fine but very strong seams.

Spare buttons
Each shirt comes with spare buttons.
Removable Collar Stiffeners
Collar stiffeners are included to keep your collar flat and smooth. These should be removed when washing and ironing the shirt, then replaced to keep the shirt’s collar in prime condition. A spare pair of collar stiffeners will be supplied free of charge at SAINT-SENS.

Horizontal Bottom Button
Horizontal bottom button allows movement across your hips.
Two Piece Split Yoke
The Yoke across the shoulders of our shirts can be constructed in two distinct halves allowing them to come together at an angle thus replicating the sloping nature of men’s shoulders. This creates a perfectly smooth line across the shoulders, which is not possible with a single piece of fabric.